5 reasons to consult a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles


Imagine an unfortunate situation – You sustained injuries in a freak crash in Los Angeles. What’s next? Ideally, you should call 911 first to seek medical attention. Next, inform the police and your insurance company. It is best to wait at the accident scene and exchange contact & insurance info with the other driver(s). California has claimant-friendly laws and is a tort state. If the other party’s action caused the crash, they are liable for your losses and injuries. Regardless of other aspects, it is wise to seek legal advice from an expert. Below are five reasons to consult car accident attorneys Los Angeles.

  1. You don’t know the worth of your claim. What should you seek in a settlement from the other driver at fault? The worth of your car accident claim depends on several factors. You need an attorney to evaluate this aspect in depth based on evidence and your contribution to the crash.
  2. You are at fault. California is a pure comparative fault state. If you were at a higher fault than the driver you are suing, you could still take action, but your fault percentage will decide what you get from the settlement given to you. The insurance company of the other driver will use this rule against you. If you have no experience dealing with claims adjusters in the past, consider hiring a lawyer immediately.
  3. You don’t know what caused the accident. Fault and liability are not always apparent in a car accident. If you don’t know what caused the crash, hiring a lawyer is a wise idea because they can investigate the accident and gather evidence. They can also help find the party liable for your losses.
  4. You sustained serious injuries. Serious injuries include brain injuries, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, and disfigurement. You could recover a much higher settlement in such circumstances because your recovery time can be considerably longer. Ask an attorney what your car accident claim is worth based on such injuries.
  5. You don’t know how to file a claim. If you have never been involved in auto accidents or don’t know how to file a third-party claim, don’t risk the time at hand. California’s statute of limitations only gives you two years to file a car accident lawsuit, and this deadline starts from the date of the crash.

Let an attorney deal with the aftermath as your recover from the shock and injuries caused by the car accident.

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