When you run a business, especially a small business, you have to rely on other services to keep your business afloat. When you need to send something to one of your clients or customers, you likely hire a courier who can send it for you. Couriers are useful since they allow you to move things quickly through the country. There are also many competing couriers, so you can likely find a great price. However, a great price is not the only thing you need to be looking for. The price is only a small fraction of how much you need to pay. There is also the breakage allowance to consider.

Breakage Allowance

Breakage allowances are figured into your own books when you are shipping something. For example, if you are shipping your products across the country and expect that one in ten will be damaged along the way, you have a 10% breakage allowance. Some people who hire cheap couriers or have very fragile products plan as much as a 25% breakage allowance, which means one in four of your items is broken or damaged in shipping. You’re spending 25% more on overhead than you should when doing so. With great courier services in Southwick, you can eliminate breakages.

Conscientious Couriers

A courier who is conscientious of the importance of your goods will ensure that they are not broken in transit. They will make sure to pack them as carefully as they would pack their own things, and then secure them in the vehicle very carefully. The way they are stored in the vehicle is one of the most important elements of a good courier. Such vehicle storage can make the difference between things being damaged and all of them arriving safely.

You should not have to expect that some of your items will be broken in shipping. A good courier won’t break any of your things.