Does coronavirus affect elder people more?


Due to worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, people are getting affected very rapidly. Until now the scientists have failed to find out cure for this deadly disease. This COVID-19 is still a novel virus and very little knowledge is available with researchers. 

This coronavirus (COVID-19) does not show their symptoms for two weeks, which are cough, shortness of breath, fever and breathing difficulties which sometimes lead to death. But it is also known that some patients do not show any symptoms of coronavirus which is more dangerous. 

Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from an infected person to other people after close contact with him in home, hospital or at work place. Virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets from one to another if care is not taken. There is no specific treatment for cure of COVID-19 and only through practicing basic hygiene, safe food intake, social distancing and sanitizing your surroundings can prevent spread of coronavirus.

COVID-19 affect people mostly with weak immune system, in elder age and having other health conditions like diabetes, respiratory issues, heart diseases and other serious illnesses. These people are more at risk and should practice proper hygiene both personal and environmental. 

At elder age, from 50 to 80 years, the immune system weakens and making elder people more vulnerable to many diseases and infections of all types. These people are more prone to getting infection from coronavirus if exposed to it and die later. Their chronic health issues can degrade the organs and make them more exposed to infections.

The reports show that most of the elderly people have died after getting infected from coronavirus and other chronic illnesses. All people are at risk from COVID-19 but older people are more at higher risk but all must act to prevent the spread in community. 

Health authorities are working hard and guiding people and businesses to take actions against the spread of coronavirus. As there are no vaccine available other methods are applied to prevent the spread and protect people from getting infections from virus. These methods include deep cleaning, sanitizing, improving immune system and social distancing can help people limiting the risk of spreading virus and passing it to other family members. 

After global pandemic, the demand for deep cleaning and sanitizing has grown and many coronavirus cleaning contractors are dealing with coronavirus professionally. They are using CDC approved high standard cleaning products for deep cleaning the frequent used surfaces to eliminate the visible dirt. They are sanitizing the environment and surroundings, utilizing decontaminants to control the spread of biohazard pathogens. Their techs are trained and guided by health authorities for effective prevention of virus. 

The professional staffs dispose of the biohazard wastes and sanitize their equipment and trucks. They are responsible and completely understand their liabilities towards the community. They understand that the safety and health of people and their own is on line. 

Coronavirus cleaning services are working at offices, schools, malls, restaurants, transit systems and other businesses for deep cleaning, scrubbing and decontaminating the surfaces and environment to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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