Social housing is a rapidly sector when it comes to employment. Although it is a key sector, only a few graduates are aware about it. When you ask a classroom full of students about their career goals, you’ll rarely get a student interested in joining the social housing sector. There is not much awareness about this dynamic career field.

So, here we are presenting top tips for those who are interested to build a career in the housing sector.

Searching for jobs to apply – Although the sector is very big, finding job vacancies is a difficult task in the housing sector. Perhaps this is the top reason for fresh graduates being unaware of scopes in the sector. You can get some advertisements published, through trade, online or in national newspapers, from the largest players in the sector. But, local authorities, arms-length management organizations and other types of housing associations will need you to keep skimming their website regularly to find any vacancy.

A smart solution to this problem can be submitting a resume to a reputed recruiting agency like

Proving yourself in the interview – No recruiter will take you based simply on your degrees and resume. Social housing is a sector that requires lots of practical skills rather than the theoretical knowledge. So, you’ll have to show your interviewer that you are capable handling the responsibility of the post you have applied for. When pitching for a job in the housing sector it is advised to keep your net wide to grab varied opportunities. You will just need to shape up your personal statement in the specific form of the advertised position rather than starting from scratch for all the positions.

You can get benefits by getting in contact with a coach who might train you for the interviews and make you shine in the housing sector.

Developing your skills and personal brand – Cracking an interview is only the first step towards building your career in the housing sector. You should not only give your full-potentials to the work you are assigned but also keep on pushing your boundaries. There are many paid as well as free of cost training opportunities to help you learn and polish the skills required to excel in the housing sector. If you do not only want to settle up in a job you should also focus on creating your personal brand through Social Media. Building a brand will be helpful in opening up new heights of scope in the sector for you.

Once you enter this dynamic sector, you cannot afford to sit idle without working on developing your skill-sets.

Hope you found these tips helpful forging a quality job in the Social Housing Sector!