How do I possibly get to listen to a voice or music recording by scanning one of those little patterned boxes on packaging, greetings cards, or even in a magazine?  Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s just one more brilliant use for dynamic QR codes in the modern world of business and your social life.  You start by owning a smart device, a smartphone or tablet, and installing a QR reader app downloaded from the App Store.  Then start to think of the possibilities: your favourite band promoting their next album, a message from the chairman, a happy birthday greeting, or just a friendly hello.  And they are all capable of being reproduced on just about any type of media – hard copy or on the internet.  Maybe you open a birthday card to find an audio QR code inside.  Simply use a smart device to scan and play the QR code and hear a Happy Birthday song from friends or a favourite relative.  It’s a great idea and a welcome surprise.

Audio QR codes can add a personal touch in just about every field, for teachers and businessmen, managers and marketers, or just for fun!  So how do you get one?  You make it yourself.  It’s not as difficult as you think to record your own message or song, or link to the URL of something pre-recorded.  With a little imagination you will be producing exclusive audio QR codes sooner than you think.  Their uses will surprise you.  Audio QR codes are great for announcing new products or promoting motivational talks by email.  They can be ideal for adding to that end-of-term note or any news letter.  In your personal life an audio QR code can bring a smile to somebody’s face when they’re missing you, or brighten someone’s day.  Remember to add a simple call-to-action with a free background frame from your Premium account designer page and congratulate yourself on a job well done.  In every field there is a place for an audio QR code.  You can start by finding out just how easy it is to make an audio QR code using the free guides at