Sisal Rugs: The Ideal Choice


Sisal rugs are one of the ideal choices in natural rugs; there has been a sincere rise in the sales of the sisal carpets for the last few days. These natural fibres are sustainable, renewable materials that give the best flooring options. There are various options available that the customers can choose from but sisal remains the most popular among them. Sisal is obtained from a plant named agave that primarily grows in Brazil. Then it is extracted and woven into intricate designs.

What Are The Pros Of Sisal?

  • Sisal is by far the most durable type of fibre that is available among natural fibres. The fibres are incredibly strong and resistant to wear and tear. Sisal is also used in various things like baling twine and mariner rope. It also as a green replacement for things like fibreglass and asbestos.
  • Sisal rugs give the best aesthetic sense to your home. They have a different, brown and soft texture that is natural in colour. The material is woven into the best kind of rugs that blend in with any kind of home decor very well. Moreover, it is also available in various colours, designs, and textures and the customers can select the most suitable for themselves.
  • Also, sisal is non-allergic and non-toxic. If the customer has any kind of skin allergy, then he can be sure that sisal is a harmless product and doesn’t trigger any kind of allergic reactions. It doesn’t gas off the volatile organic compounds like other synthetic carpets.
  • Sisal is also biodegradable and is prepared from plant fibres so once you discard it, it won’t cause any harm to nature rather is disposes off very quickly and that too naturally.
  • Sisal is basically a low maintenance carpet and regular vacuuming is required to keep the carpet in a good shape.
  • Sisal also resists any static electricity production and is not flammable.
  • It also maintains the temperature in summers because it is a good adsorbent and a natural humidifier that helps your home to stay cool on hot days.

Disadvantages of sisal rugs

  • Sisal rugs are adsorbent in nature and so they are quite prone to staining and cannot be cleaned with soap and water either because they tend to absorb the dampness too.
  • Sisal is also a very tough material and is quite rough to touch. So if you want your rugs to be soft then maybe you can prefer some other material over this.

Sisal has more advantages than disadvantages and as it is said everything has its pros and cons so does this. If you are searching for an ideal natural rug for your home then there are many options that are available and each will have its own pros and cons. So, sisal is by far the best material that can be used. It is simple to be cleaned and is low maintenance. Moreover, it will blend with your existing home decor quite well.

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