Your small business has to compete with small businesses all over the world. You also have to compete with big businesses all over the world. The Internet has made it so that you can build a business and grow a customer base in a matter of months; it is a great way to start a business and grow one. However, it is also available to all of your competitors, which means you have more competition than a business has ever had. If you sell trainers in Singapore, you have to compete online with businesses in Shanghai, Sydney, and Seattle, which can be very difficult. One way to keep your business thriving is to grow it with return customers.

Return Customers

Keeping customers coming back for more is a great way to grow your business. You can do this with aggressive marketing campaigns. One of the ways to do that is an SMS broadcast service in Malaysia. SMS broadcast is the ability to send an SMS to multiple recipients all at once. SMS stands for short message service. SMS sends messages across the standardised communications protocols to individual cellular phones. They arrive as text messages. Using this resource means you can reach out to your customers on their mobiles instead of attempting to reach them through advertising that might be less targeted.

Online ads are more targeted than television commercials, but they’re still somewhat imprecise. A targeted SMS campaign is incredibly effective.

How it Works

Typically, a targeted SMS campaign begins after someone makes a purchase. You will then send them a prompt to sign up for the SMS service. If they sign up, they can be added to a list of contacts for your business. Therefore, when you have new products on sale, special offers, and limited time opportunities, you can send out a message to everyone on the SMS list, which will allow them to be the first customers to access the special offers. Research has found that most text messages are read within three minutes of being received. That means you’ll be able to access the customers almost instantaneously.

You will also be able to target them very specifically based on what they purchased. For example, if you have a customer who ordered a pair of running trainers, you’ll be able to send them targeted SMS messages about other types of running gear. If the customer ordered rugby boots, you’ll be able to send them SMS messages with specials on rugby gear. That level of targeting makes it more likely that they will see something they want to buy. It also makes it less likely that they will grow tired of your SMS messages and unsubscribe. The messages will feel personalised and useful.