Tata Ace Gold: The Best For Your Business


All businessmen around India try to commercialize their business at the minimal cost possible. Be it business expenses or the commercial trucks, they want everything in a budget with maximum profit in order to benefit the most.

The Tata Trucks India produced a new range of trucks called the Tata Ace Gold, which is priced at Rs. 3.75 lakhs. This is indeed a great deal for the features it provides. It is one of the most popular and affordable models of the Tata Ace Family in the small commercial vehicles sector.

The company staying stuck with its tagline, “Chota Hathi” has fulfilled all the norms of the words spoken as well. This truck offers a payload kg 710 kilograms and is indeed a small version of the standard Ace models. The Tata Ace Gold has been designed keeping all the business operations and requirements in mind. Starting from transporting fruits and vegetables to eCommerce business etc. , this truck has been termed as man’s best friend. This truck has the same dimensions as the standard Tata Ace but the flatter walls of the deck and smaller two-cylinder with 702 cc engine producing 16bhp of maximum power has attracted our attention. The truck also has a peak torque rating that stands at 39 Nm. However, because the entire specs of this truck have been toned down, it affects the top speed of the vehicle which comes down to 60 kmph. It is still a decent one compared to its core competitors. Considering the Tata Ace Gold price and the specs offered, what better can you expect on the busy roads of India?

This truck is known to reach everyone at a palm’s distance. It was launched in April 2018 and since then has earned a lot of name in the commercial market. It has been powered with a 0.7-litre IDI two-cylinder engine which is committed to the BS-IV norms. The truck also has a D+1 day cabin built in the chassis with a carrier deck.

The overall length of the truck is about 3800 mm but the wheelbase is 2100 mm, which is quite long. The truck has a total weight of 1550 kilograms and a ground clearance level of 150 mm.

The truck has been infused with mechanical steering instead of a popular and much need one. This is considered as a small backdrop in the reports of the customers. The Ace Gold also is suspended over Parabolic leaf spring at both the axles and this maintains a nice comfort level. The equal and balanced setup from all ends and corners makes the car and the ride quite smooth and efficient.

In terms of brakes and safety, the Tata Ace Gold does not have air brakes or hydraulic brakes. The company makes use of the combination of disc and drum brakes at both the front and rear wheels respectively. Both the brakes work cohesively in order to provide good stopping power. Because the top speed of the vehicles and the weight of it are on the lower side, the brakes do not cause much trouble and work perfectly for ensured safety. To add on, the vehicle also has parking brakes added on the front. The driver is also provided with seat belts.

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