When you are moving into a new office building, you should make a complete inventory of all the items that are in the office. Once the inventory has been taken, you will be able to decide which items can be thrown away and which items need to be kept. You also might decide that some of the office furniture could be sold or given to charity shops. The choice is completely up to you.

When you hire a company to help you move, you should check that they are able to handle all the different aspects of the move. What aspects of a business can a removal company handle?

The Lighting

There are lots of different lighting fixtures that your office uses. Lighting helps to keep your employees from getting eye strain and will make them able to focus on their work easily. This is an aspect of the office that a removal company will be able to assist you with. There are removal companies in Berkshire will be able to unscrew all of the lighting fixtures and then install them at your new office.

You will be grateful that you can use the lighting at the new office instead of having to brand new lighting installations. This is something that will save you a lot of time and money.

The Chairs

Office chairs can be extremely bulky and you may not be able to move them by yourself. You will have lots of assistance from the moving company and you will be able to leave this aspect of the move to a specialist company.

They can transport the chairs in one piece or they might decide that the chairs can be unscrewed piece by piece in order to load them into the truck much more efficiently. The chairs will arrive at the office in one piece and they can be used again straight away. This ensures that you do not have to waste a large amount of time in organising the furniture.

The Filing Cabinets

When you store documents on file, you will usually keep them in robust filing cabinets so that they are not going to get lost and they can be easily accessed at the time that you need them. When these filing cabinets are full, they can be difficult to move. Make sure that you hire a moving company with plenty of workmen who will be able to shift the cabinets easily and quickly.

You will not need to remove all of the documents before the office move. Instead, the moving company will be able to take the cabinets downstairs using ramps and pulleys. Then they will be carefully loaded into the van before being unloaded at the next destination.

You should hire an experienced moving company to handle different items. You want all of your items to be completely secure and this will be the case when they are being moved properly.