8 Ways to Give Your Business an Important Competitive Edge


Every business needs to have a competitive edge to remain relevant in their industry.

Whether you are a start-up trying to get more brand exposure or a corporation with decades of experience, you will always have to create a unique selling point for your brand.

Here are some ways that you can promote your business further.

Get a Business Certification

What are some of the latest business certifications that you can get? A business certification

can increase your overall credibility, especially if the certificate is from a prestigious company.

In any case, having certifications to prove that your company has the skill set required can always boost your customers’ confidence and trust in you.

You can also obtain certifications such as the information security management certification to prove that any information you collect from your customers will not be misused.

Gather & Create Your Data

Consumer data is crucial for marketing. You can add anonymous tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and any other tracking codes into your website to understand consumer behaviour on your site.

You can also conduct surveys to understand your consumer market if you are starting from scratch.

Keep your consumer database organized so that you can use it for marketing and digital advertising purposes later.

Consider Expanding into Niche Markets

Often, big companies try to reach as big a range for demographics as possible. As a company trying to compete with corporate giants, you can cater your products to smaller, more specific markets more effectively.

Steer your brand messaging and product development towards niche markets so that you would be the preferred brand for this category of clients.

Provide a Company Culture that Attracts the Best Talents

A good company culture attracts talented employees who are more than happy to stay and

contribute long-term.

Provide employee benefits, reward excellent performance, and make sure that everyones’ voices are being heard regardless of the organization’s hierarchy.

When an organization cares about their employees, the employees can, in turn, provide better services and attention to the products.

In the long term, these happy employees will create a satisfied customer base for you.

Reward Your Customers

Create a membership program that rewards your loyal customers. Launch incentives that

show you appreciate your customers.

In general, do things that keep your customers coming back after the first visit. A simple

example would be how FreshBooks sent out giant cookies to their members who have been their active clients for ten years.

It is an inexpensive yet caring way to show their customers that their loyalty is very much appreciated.

Optimize Your Digital Presence

It all starts with having a company website. Focus on a mobile-first design in your responsive website and ensure that first-time customers can easily navigate to your products or services.

Invest some time into optimizing your website for SEO. Include alternate texts on any images

that you upload to your website.

If you are running promotions, you can also invest in some online advertising to ensure that you are reaching your target market.

Be Reachable

You will also have to ensure that someone is available to answer inquiries from prospects on your social media accounts, your website, and any other channels that your customers can use to contact you.

Discuss, finalize, and implement a standard operating procedure for lead management whenever you get a new inquiry.

The faster you respond to your leads, the higher the chance of you securing an appointment or sales for your company.

Speak at Industry Events

Gain some credibility by speaking at industry events to show that you are an expert in your field. Try not to hard-sell your company services during these talks.

Instead, share actionable insights and information that would be helpful for your prospects. You can share statistics, latest trends, and any other data relevant to your business or industry in general.

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